The words of wisdom listed below are my original words based on my experience. I hope these words of wisdom will give you hope and courage.

* There is no hardship in your life as long as you have a goal.

* Change your destiny with your strong will

* There is always a way to overcome your difficulties.

* If you want to repay indebtedness to your master, contribute to society.

* Money is just paper, replace the money with your experience.

* Meeting someone is far more precious than farewelling them.

* Discrimination will lead to self-destruction.

* Know how others understand you, not how you communicate to others.

* You are a true global person if you are a true Japanese
(or your nationality).

* You can change your life in the middle of the course.

* Be prepared, so you will be rest assured.

* If prepared, less danger.

* Prepared to die if you are to make a big challenge.

* Move forward if you are at a loss.

* Short temper and selfishness are the source of failure.

* The more efforts you make, the more laughter you will make.

* Animals are filial piety to humans.

My words of wisdom